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Welding Machines

Seamtek 900 AT

The intelligent design of the SEAMTEK 900 AT makes practically any welding application possible. What’s more, the maintenance-free machine is manufactured to the same levels of Leister quality that our customers have come to know and trust. Thanks to the sophisticated multi-arm system, the exact configuration can be set in record time so that a high-quality seam can be produced in any situation. The huge range of drive rollers, nozzles and guides guarantees maximum flexibility. From 8–64 mm, the SEAMTEK 900 AT produces perfect lap welds, hems, open hems, piping welds and tape welds. And thanks to the various guides, even inexperienced users can guide materials without a hitch. The entire operation is performed intuitively via the touchscreen, making the controlled parameters easy to adjust.

Seamtek 36

The digital technology of Leister’s SEAMTEK 36 welding machine ensures perfectly welded, long-lasting seams. From beginning to end, every step of the welding process is digitally-controlled for optimal accuracy and seam integrity. With its easily configurable, modular construction and wide range of pressure rollers and nozzle widths, the SEAMTEK 36 guarantees the greatest flexibility.

  • Flexibility – the modular construction allows you to quickly adjust your machine from hot-air welding to tape welding in minutes or less.
  • Variety – wide range of pressure rollers and nozzle widths enables you to weld multiple weld types.
  • Versatility – with individually-controlled rollers, the user can adjust the speed of the upper roller to prevent folds from forming and enable quality welds along curves.
  • Strong step motors
  • Test programs to find the ideal welding parameters.
  • Up to 99 memory settings to instantly recall weld settings for each of your product lines.
  • Easy access to welding process

Automatic Welders


  • High welding speed
  • Process-optimized nozzle
  • Maintenance-free, brushless blower
  • Intuitive operation and simple handling

Uniplan 500

  • Low-maintenance, brushless motor
  • Hot-air blower for higher welding capacity of 18,000 rpm
  • Display for setting and saving the welding parameters
  • Automatic and safe: Swiveling in of the nozzle
  • Practical: Integrated lifting of the tarpaulins
  • Movable swivel castor wheel: To avoid obstacles such as grommets and hooks
  • Quick modification: Users can change from overlap welding to hem or pipe welding in one, easy step Reliable: Controlled temperature and speed
  • Storable parameters: Material-specific parameters are saved to ensure repeatable processes on future projects (UNIPLAN 500)

Additional Acc. Overlap guide Transportation box Material lifting device (see page 5) 2 weights à 1.25 kg incl. weight holder Brass brush Short handle incl. console Nozzle adjustment gauge Hem guide

Uniplan 300

  • Whether you are welding truck tarpaulins, tents, or banners, the UNIPLAN 300 and UNIPLAN 500 automatic welders are the ideal choice.
  • Integrated lifting of the tarpaulins and automatic swiveling-in of the nozzle make the work easier for you and increases reliability.
  • Thanks to the moveable swivel castor wheel, it is easy to get around obstacles such as grommets, hooks or other accessories.


  • Top welding speed
  • Process-optimized high-precision nozzle
  • Maintenance-free, brushless blower
  • Easy to exchange counter-pressure roller
  • Constant tarpaulin bow tension

Hot Air Hand Tools


  • The smallest Leister hot-air hand tool
  • Stepless, electronically controlled temperature
  • Stepless, electronically controlled air flow
  • Flexible, integrated tool stand
  • Low noise

Triac AT

  • Suitable for the work site
  • Closed loop controlled temperature
  • Open loop controlled air volum
  • Intelligent «e-Drive» operating unit
  • Ergonomic handlin
  • Modern design
  • Swiss made

Triac ST

  • 100% Swiss made quality
  • 60 years of expertise in making hot-air tools – brought together in the new TRIAC ST
  • The sturdy, professional hot-air tool that weighs less than 1 kg/2.18 lbs
  • Functional design: two-component handle grip and optimum center of gravity ensure ergonomic working.
  • Quick clean air filters
  • Automatic carbon stop (collector protection) and heating element protection
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