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Many a time, during daily construction jobs or in production processes, you may have faced any problem at a particular point which halted your work and then you had to look for a solution to solve it or wait for the material required to arrive to solve the problem. We would have loved to talk to you and partner with you way before you were looking for a solution to resume the afore-mentioned job, thereby eliminating any such stoppages of work due to material unavailability! We introduce ourselves as GLOBAL SOURCE, an establishment aimed at eliminating procurement problems of its prospective clients. With a International Supplier Base of the best in their respective fields, a Qualified Professional Management, an average Industry Experience of more than 30 years in the Top Management, a mix of Youth and Experience and a sincere and dedicated staff, we assure you of services par excellence, prompt delivery, competitive prices and products that are in adherence to International standards.


GLOBAL SOURCE is unique. We live by a set of Guiding Principles that set us apart from the rest of the industry. Our Principles have ensured successful partnerships with our clients over the past many years and enjoy positive relationships throughout our clients’ supply chain.

GLOBAL SOURCE, though a material supplier, functions more like a friend to turn to when in time of material needs. We work with the benefit of our clients as a priority and ensure that they are getting the best value for their procurement initiatives.

GLOBAL SOURCE recognizes that the lowest cost purchase is not necessarily the highest value purchase. Nor does it believe that the highest cost purchase be the one which has generated the highest value for the client’s money. Companies that buy and sell focusing exclusively on the bottom line often lose focus of the needs of the client they set out to assist.

Our objective on all sourcing initiatives is to help our clients obtain the best overall total-cost and quality of service with existing or new suppliers.

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Reward for Value

Our business model holds us accountable for achieving results. And these results are not merely measured in Sales figures, we must produce value, we must bring a smile on our client’s face.

Exceed Expectations

Continually move the yardstick to a higher level than where it was previously. Whether products, whether the services we offer, we keep trying to identify segments in the process where we can still improve and that is a continuous process.

Treat People Like People

People are not just employees, store-keepers, accountants, customers, suppliers etc…. People are after all People irrespective of the role that they have donned. Treat People Well. Respecting them is a primary objective.

Always with Integrity

There is no compromise on what is committed.


Hundreds of millions are spent enabling large organisations to run. Vast sums spread across hundreds of categories from IT to marketing to facilities to professional services – spanning all corners of an organisation. But this money is rarely invested in a way that maximises its potential. Not even close.

Instead, responsibility is fractured. No-one sees the bigger picture. Outlook is local and short-term. Many organisations aren’t even aware of how much they spend, let alone where. There’s no accountability. Resources and time are not available, and so the seller, not the buyer, holds most of the cards. The result? Money is not spent with the core strategic aims of the organisation at heart. Performance is not what it could be. Nor control. Nor profits.

In fact even when intelligent management of these costs is considered, the conclusion is that the headcount and investment needed to fund the expertise required to deliver effective change is simply too expensive. Only a tiny percentage of companies worldwide successfully address it. But so overlooked is this fundamental element of an organisation’s operation that both the cost itself and its management lack clear and understandable names. Some call it ‘indirect procurement’, others refer to, ‘overheads’, ‘goods not for resale’, or ‘non-core goods and services’.

Really, it is none of the above. The millions you invest to empower your business to function is your ‘enabling spend’ – we call it this as it’s the phrase we consider best articulates the true essence of these very diverse costs. We believe that to really make a difference management of your enabling spend must be placed in the fullest and broadest contexts of behaviour, geography and practices, and be viewed holistically.

Our approach goes far beyond driving down the prices of goods and services, though of course we do that too. We look at business practices, behaviours and culture. We look at control. We look at both operational and financial performance, and then we identify where we can make an impact.

Key to our approach – and a major strength – is the way in which we take great care to foster deep connections with our clients, gaining an acute understanding of their needs. This ‘intimacy’ is fundamental to delivering extraordinary results. It’s a quality that’s reinforced by our name ‘GLOBAL SOURCE’.

We’re different because we deliver success by evaluating and reshaping your processes and behaviours, to match your specific needs and goals.

Mission & Vision

To become an international service oriented company catering to the needs of organizations involved in construction and allied activities.

To be and remain amongst the top five service providing companies in the construction sector in terms of Sales turnover, Project Participation and Employee Satisfaction over the next five years.

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