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Total Support for the Construction Industry...

GLOBAL SOURCE is a company specialized in catering to the supply needs of specialized construction material such as Pre-cast concrete Production Accessories, Various kinds of Manhole Accessories, Plastic Welding Equipment, Material Testing Equipments, Safety and PPE, Abrasives etc.

Specialized Construction Material?

From a strand of tie wire to complex machinery for welding plastic sheets, from a common nail to accessories for your sewer manhole systems, from a trowel to systems for mobilizing your pre-cast concrete, from jute cloth to acoustic panels and so on, you shall never have to look beyond GLOBAL SOURCE for ‘solutions to your sourcing problems’. So, go ahead, optimize the productivity of your efforts and maximize the returns of your procurement decisions, join hands with us and simply source unlimited…


  • King Abdullah Economic Cities
  • Riyadh Airport Ministry of Housing Project
  • Saudi Arabian National Guard Housing Project
  • Princes Noura University for Women
  • Jeddah Storm Water Drainage Project
  • Mataf Expansion Project
  • Al Hasa Ministry of Housing Projects
  • Imam University Project
  • Almarai Expansion Project


To become an international service oriented company catering to the needs of organizations involved in construction and allied activities.


To be and remain amongst the top five service providing companies in the construction sector in terms of Sales turnover, Project Participation and Employee Satisfaction over the next five years.
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